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Background Information 

We are a girls’ boarding school established and sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Kitale. The school is situated about 7km from Kitale town, along the Kitale-Kakamega main road.

St. Joseph’s Girls was established in 1993 when the girls were curved off  from the previously mixed school, known as St. Joseph’s High School.  The main aim of the separation was to improve the academic  performance of the girls, as well as their enrolment.  The girls’ school was then allocated 45 acres on which it stands today.The first head teacher was Mrs. Florence Oginda (1993—1999).  The current Principal, M/s. Mary Ooko took the mantle in 2008 from M/s Eunice Njenga who served  between 1999 and 2008.

At  inception, the school faced several challenges including; under-enrolment, low academic standards, inadequate    instructional material and inadequate physical facilities such as dormitories, laboratories, classrooms, library amongst many others. However, with passage of time, the school has witnessed increased enrolment   from two streams and now embarking into fourth stream. We have made reasonable effort in the provision of adequate instructional materials such as class texts, library books and computers. We currently boast of well developed and reasonably equipped laboratory and other physical facilities. Our academic standard has also been on the upward trend over the years from 5.2(2000) to 8.4987(2011)



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