Guidance and Counselling


Guidance and Counselling Department

This is one of the most essential department in nurturing students to be wholistic.The department  comprises of 8 members of staff and 35 trained peer councellors.To strengthen G/C,  the department has grouped students according to classes such that each class has two teacher representatives from G/C . The peer counsellors meet other students at individual level. Cases  which they cannot handle are referred to the teachers in charge.

There are several programs that have been put inplace.For instance, Teusdays students have to meet after a fortnight for guidance and counselling. We have both group and individual counselling. External speakers are invited with specific topics to handle, especially on issues affecting the girls. Motivational speakers are also invited to speak to the students and the whole school fraternity. External counsellors are also called in to counsel the girls and even parents whose cases require the attention of specialized counsellors.

We also have teacher parenting programme where every teacher is assigned a number of students to parent. We have introduced cultural day, which is done once per term to help our girls interact well despite cultures and improve on their self-esteem and self-identity which pertinent to success. Our main objective is that at the end of every term at least every student should have been counselled.

Mrs. J. Masibo

Head of Guidance and Counseling Department


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