Languages Department

We offer two main languages in our school: Kiswahili and English. Their importance both as languages of communication and, instructions and as major career determiners need not be emphasized.

English is an international language and Kiswahili is soon attaining similar status. In fact, those who know and understand Kiswahili are quite internationally useful now as international journalists and teachers in Developed countries like America. Many Kiswahili broadcasters are now working for major televisions/ radio stations.

We have a school language policy and we encourage students to use standard Kiswahili between Friday and Sunday and use Standard English between Monday and Thursday. Let it be our personal desire to speak in the two languages for in so doing we will provide opportunities for us to learn language.

Performance in K.C.S.E exams in languages is good for our school but to do better students need to learn and put5 language into functional use.

We have also introduced French to diversify the range of subjects offered by our department. With the introduction of a foreign language, our students will expand their field of study and careers.

Mr. Nyakoe J.

Head of Languages Department


Sciences Department