Sciences Department

Science department is made up of 3 major subjects; Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Of the three the first two are compulsory and examinable for all students. The science department is headed by Mrs Maleche who is one of the senior teachers in the school and doubles up as the head of Chemistry.

Science department has two fully equipped laboratories; biology and chemistry which double up as a physics laboratory too.

Since the inception of the school science department has over the years produced some of the best results in the district. Chemistry and Biology at one time receiving the award for the best results in the district. Our school has also been able to send girls to university to take up medicine, engineering courses and a host of technology courses, thanks to the science department.

Together with the competent and experienced staff in the department we look forward to excelling to the performance so that we can send even more students to university and middle level colleges to take up science courses so that they can compete favourably in the job market. On this one this one the sky is the limit.

Annually our girls participate in science congress. They present interesting items which are able to develop their critical and analytical thinking. Some of them have gone up to national level. Long live science department long live St. Joseph’s Girls.

Mrs.Maleche M.

Head of Sciences Department



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